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meet Lexi;

of Lexhalle Photography!

where body positive advocate meets photographer!

I'm Lex, and I strive to normalize & romanticize ALL bodies. I spent way too damn long thinking I couldn't be THAT girl until I looked a certain way, or lived a particular life. and let me just be straight with you, that's a load of BS. 

Women of all shapes and sizes can rock the outfit, model the photo, get the guy (or girl ;), and BE THAT BITCH. and I'm here to lead by example.

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some of my best work.

helping women connect with their bodies, feel feminine, and realize their worth is like my super power.

it's what I was put on this earth to do.

our bodies tell stories. our bodies are art. my goal with photography is to celebrate their differences and provide healthy representation for all sizes, colors, orientations, and walks of life.

photography can be used as a method of healing. surrounding myself with positive energy, and people who made me feel safe, was such an important part of my self love journey.

and now I get to be that safe place for other women who need me.

still on the fence? check out some more of my work here.

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