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hey girl!

Here's all you need to know about LEXI,

and then some!

I'm an avid cardigan wearer,

taco enthusiast, and full time cat mommy to my son Walter. I get excited when I think about surprises & rainy days. I love curly hair and laughing until my stomach hurts.  Films about young love have inspired me for as long as I can remember. Talking about boys at 3am sleepovers was my favorite way to pass the time in high school and it's no surprise that I built my career around love. You can often find me in the cardigan aisle at Target or on the couch in my jammies editing your gorgeous photos.

I've been doing photography for 6 years now, professionally for 4. I grew up around cameras, and really found my calling when I found portrait photography. on even my darkest of days, photography keeps me going. I create when I'm passionate, I create when I'm hurting. photography is the brightest + best part of me. Getting paid to share it with others is the greatest gift I've ever known :)

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