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Patagonia Partners | Tyler & Vanessa | Adventurous Arizona Photographer

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Two teens sharing their love unapologetically in a lake DRENCHED in a golden summer sunset.

Tyler & Vanessa are two free-spirited souls that remind me to take every day as it comes. I became close with these two my senior year of high school. They became to GO TO double date for Ismael & I. So genuine, so funny, so easy-going.

Before + during the actual shoot, we had to overcome many obstacles. Let's pretend for a moment that the water wasn't cold or it wasn't crowded with kiddies. The three of us live about a 90 minutes out from the lake. Ness & Tyler had CAR TROUBLES and our Golden Shoot that was originally scheduled for 6:00pm started at 7:00pm!! That left us 30 minutes before the sun sunk behind the mountain, so the second our feet hit the water, we. were. GOING!

The pressure was on, and the excitement in the air made the energy at the session 10x better! All of us fully clothed, knee deep in our Patagonia Paradise. For a few desert rats? We were over the moon.

I can't think of a single thing about this session that I would change. The music blaring through the speaker of the group camping by the water's edge. My favorite light wash mom jeans soaked to my BOOTY! The electricity between these two. Like, seriously. They hardly needed prompts. They just WENT for it and their love shone through in every single image.

The moments just after the sun set below the horizon were some of the most satisfying & serene of my entire life. I knew that in this moment, I was EXACTLY where I wanted to be. Where I NEEDED to be. What I was put on this earth to do.


Create Images. Create memories. Create a positive & Inviting environment for my clients + friends. Create a meaningful career and LIFE for myself. It all came together in this moment.


And on that drive home I think we were all changed for the better. A little more in love with life. A little more excited to be alive. A little more adventurous. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

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Lexi Peers
Lexi Peers
15 jul 2020

Yahoo! Don’t mind me just testing the comment section.. 🤓

Me gusta
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