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An Indian Engagement on Mount Lemmon, Tucson AZ | Sarah & John

sunset golden hour green mountain fairytale indian couple engagement photoshoot lehenga juba inspo

I was contacted to associate shoot some engagement photos for my friend Kierstin while she was out of town and I could NOT have expected how incredibly unique, eventful, and magical this session would be. It was about 10 minutes into our time together when I knew I had to blog about it.

colorful vibrant sunset tucson arizona windy point indian engagement photography inspo lehenga
black and white POC couple walking down mountain forest trail

I am A SUCKER for a well rounded photo session. One where you get a wide variety of lighting, landscapes, poses, colors, and overall moods. One factor you might've been unsure about can ultimately be your FAVORITE aspect of your engagement session, and I think that is so so cool. I love walking away from a session knowing that no matter what my client was hoping for, or no matter how picky they may be...

I DEFINITELY captured something they're going to love.

and this session was such a beautiful example of that.

We shot in late June, which, if you're not local to Tucson, is well into monsoon season. So we were definitely facing some thunderstorms this day. and hey, I'm a sucker for a good rainy day session.. but not on a mountainside. and not when my client had a custom lehenga and professional makeup on.

following a prompt emergency text confirming both of our willingness to risk it all for some rainy day photos, we decide to meet up as scheduled. I was actually headed back from a morning boudoir session in Phoenix, so I had a perfect view of the thunderstorm we were driving into. I was nervous, but all is well that ends well.

black and white indian couple posed together on a ledge windy point tucson Arizona mount Lemmon engagement photography Inso

Sarah's parents immigrated to the United States in the late 80's/ early 90's. Sarah and her family are Christian Indians and some of the culture they hold closest consists of family values, the language, and the clothing.

"being moved out of my parents house, I feel like it's so easy to lose some of those Indian traditions I grew up in. I knew it was important to have my cultural wear shine in some of our engagement photos."

vibrant Arizona sunset engagement session mount Lemmon windy point indian couple lehenga juba POC photoshoot inso photography

her lehenga was custom made by Eves World Boutique over the course of two weeks by SEVEN people! All of the artwork was handstitched and truly gave this session such a special and meaningful touch.

We started up at Bear Wallow where we were kissed with a constant light rain. Nothing unmanageable, but enough to wet our clothes and warrant a waterproof camera cover! We were welcomed by over grown lush greenery and a perfect golden light washing over us. We played around with a clear umbrella and ultimately ditched it to embrace what mother nature had in store for us <3 and luckily, everything worked out!!

shot on Canon 5D Mark IV + Canon 50mm 1.2

While John doesnt share Sarah's Indian heritage, he does honor and celebrate it. on this day, he actually surprised her by wearing a Juba!! she had no idea prior to seeing him.

what a meaningful and expression of love and appreciation.

we spent about 30 minutes here absolutely LOVING everything we were getting and decided to finish up our session at Windy Point, just 10 minutes down the mountain.

indian couple hiking through lush mountain greenery tucson Arizona lehenga juba moody photography

Windy Point lived up to her name, and the rain stopped for our final portraits. the remaining clouds in the sky were colored with a vibrant red, pink, and purple masterpiece.

just absolutely breathtaking. arizona doing what arizona does best.

I couldnt be more thankful for my time spent with Sarah + John celebrating their engagament and learning about their cultures. I'm soooo happy with how the photos turned out and would love to hear your thoughts on them too ❤️❤️

thanks for looking.



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