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The Art of Self Portraiture | How to Produce Beautiful + Effortless Looking Images From Home

My name is Lexi, and I own my own photography biz; Lexhalle Photography.

credit: Lexhalle Photography

I pride myself on super raw, emotional, & effortless images. I love working at home and producing images that make you FEEL something. Like you can reach right through the photo and touch the subject. Feel the texture. Smell the perfume. Feel like you were present when the image was taken.

I consider myself a PRO when it comes to taking self portraits. NOBODY knows Ismael (my boyfriend) and I's best angles better than me! SO needless to say, I photograph us A LOT.

YUP. That's me, my bf, and a tripod!

Wanna learn how to do this? You're in the right place.


How well do you know your camera?

If you're not familiar with your camera settings.... girl WYD? Go YouTube your camera's name and settings and come back here when you're done!


Say it with me: SELF. TIMER.

You can do anything with a little repetition & determination.

Turn on the self timer, run, pose, click. Turn on the self timer, run, pose, click. Adjust it as needed. Correct your settings. Bring the tripod closer. Test out sharp focus, motion blur, lower angles. You can HEAL yourself through art. So really lean into it. Bring the visions in your head to life. Create the image that only YOU can create. The world needs what you have to offer.


The best feature on my camera:

2.) Canon Camera Connect App. If you have a camera with wifi connectivity and you're not using this... you are SERIOUSLY missing out my friend.

This app is SERIOUSLY my secret weapon. It allows me to see what my camera(Canon 5D Mark IV) sees + adjust the settings! Everything on my camera is displayed on my phone, which I can also use as a remote!

So go out there, and get creating! Start feelin' yourself. Explore different poses.


Leave any additional questions in the comments! I'll be sure to address them in an upcoming YouTube video!


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